Air Print

Air Print

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 HP Airprint Printers for Apple devices facilitates effortless and swift printing of documents and images.

  • Airprint, an Apple technology requires no driver or software installation. Documents and images could be printed from Mac, iphone and ipad using this technology.

To print data from Airprint-compatible printer:

  • Ensure the printer is an Airprint..
  • Acquire the network name(SSID) and network password. In case of lack of information, reach out to the installation personnel.
  • Connect the printer to the network
  • Select the network (SSID), the printer connects to. {SSID-Service Set Identifier}
  • Key in the password for security reasons and finish the process by clicking OK.
  • Now connect your Mac/ iphone / ipad / ipod to the same network.
  • Choose the printer option in your Apple device,select your network and tap on ‘print’.
  • The document gets printed immediately.

To print data from non  Airprint-compatible printer: 

  • Download Handy Print for Mac and O’Print. for Windows. These applications helps the printer put up a façade which could deceive ios.
  • Tap on printer option in your Apple device and select the network.
  • Click on ‘print’ to print the document.